Retail Displays

Retail Displays

With the very latest in print & cut technology we are able to work with you and your team in the creation of display stands. Often called point of sale or point of purchase these printed items are often made in card or fluted board but it is possible to use a whole host of other material depending on the size, weight and intended location to promote the product. The 3D cardboard engineered displays remain the most cost effective and can be produced as a floor stand or shelf box.

In-store merchandise such as posters, shelf edge strips and aisle hung signs remain a key part to the overall look and foot flow to your store. Well placed to ensure customers can not only find their way around easily but are ‘prompted’ to special offers & promotions you wish to bring to their attention.

Cable & Rod displays are still a firm favorite with estate agents, travel agents, recruitment firms and other high street locations such as the finacial sector when the window display remains more important than the internal displays, yet used correctly offers a high-end product display for items of high value.

Barrier systems for queues within stores or external seating areas of cafes & restaurants can be utilised as either graphic display or point of purchase shelf impact buys. Our store fit-outs can include such as display cabinets, counter units in addition to gondola / slatwall units and a whole host of other retail shelf display systems. Adding fabric feature graphics, aisle promoters or permitter headers can also increase the feel of quality to any store location whilst providing opportunity for on-going promotions / image changes quickly and hassle free by members of your store team.

Clickframes, notice boards and grip strips are all available and provide a stylish form of display to support important information, printed offers and promotions within store.

For garden centres and other external retail / leisure environments we are able to print and manufacture weather resistant display stands, alternative shelf edge strips plus labels & tags. Some of these items also suit warehouse and bulk buy locations much better than the cardboard option.

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